Retiring Owners

New Owner

Some congratulations are in order!

Don and Jacki will officially be retiring on 11/25/2020.  We want to wish them the very best on their endeavors and thank them for the many years of service to this wonderful company.  Congratulations you two!  Enjoy your new life, wherever it may take you.  Be sure to call us if you ever get bored.  We're definitely going to miss you around here!

Josh has been with us for many years.  We have been so blessed to have him on board!  He's gone from Don's right hand man and Lead Journeyman to the man in charge!  Starting 11/25/2020, Josh will be Discount Plumbing Service's Owner and Operator along with his lovely wife, Cindy, who we are so grateful to have joining our team!

While 2020 on it's own has been kind of life changing, we're all feeling so thankful to be a part of the changes happening within this company.  We can't say congratulations enough to you guys!  Thank you for sharing all that you are with us!  We love you!     -DPS Family